Fire Safety Essentials

This course aims to change the way you think about fire. It will help you to recognise and reduce fire hazards in your workplace, and will elucidate what you need to do in the unlikely event of a fire. Read More

Fire Warden/Marshal Training Course

Appointing and training Fire Wardens / Marshals will provide the management, the opportunity, to significantly enhance fire prevention practices in the workplace, improve communications and share the workload in the implementation of robust fire safety management. Read More

Bespoke Fire Safety Training Course

The only way to provide pragmatic training to employees for every business / organisation is to accurately identify the possible (fire related) hazards that could project a risk to employees. Read More

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Who We Are?

FSTP is the first company in Cyprus that exclusively delivers bespoke, high-standard, Fire Safety Training. Our courses are always customer focused to ensure that all trainees fully understand all aspects of the training in the context of their role or workplace.

‘’Our aim is to make a shift in culture in regards to Fire Safety in Cyprus…’’


  • Sebastian

    Basic Fire Safety Awareness Training Course ’I cannot highlight enough how much valuable information I have gained through the Basic Fire Safety Awareness Training Course. The instructors are highly skilled, enthusiastic, and very interactive with the participants. I have also adopted the information learned through this course at home. Thank you FSTP.’’

    Branch Manager - Sebastian

  • Katia

    Fire Manager Training Course I was very anxious running our first fire drill. FSTP came on site free of charge and provided valuable assistance for the successful completion of the drill. That gave me the confidence that I was needed as a Fire Manager of my company. Thank you FSTP!

    Chief Executive of an Auditing Company - Katia