Outlined below is a list of our courses, simply click on the one of interest to view full course details.

Alternatively, we can create bespoke fire training courses tailored to your company’s specific requirements, which can be delivered at your premises. Click HERE to get in contact with us, to source the bespoke training providing an all-encompass training for your staff click HERE to see how it works.

All of our courses are available in Greek and English ensuring effective knowledge transfer.

Fire Safety Essentials

This course aims to change the way you think about fire. It will help you to recognise and reduce fire hazards in your workplace, and will elucidate what you need to do in the unlikely event of a fire. More Details

Fire Warden/Marshal Training Course

Appointing and training Fire Wardens / Marshals will provide the management, the opportunity, to significantly enhance fire prevention practices in the workplace, improve communications and share the workload in the implementation of robust fire safety management. More Details

Bespoke Fire Safety Training Course

The only way to provide pragmatic training to employees for every business / organisation is to accurately identify the possible (fire related) hazards that could project a risk to employees. More Details

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